My mission with every family session is to make it the most fun they’ve had all day! I want everyone to walk away saying “Wow! That was WAY more fun than I expected!” (a common thing we hear from our clients – and we rejoice!)

Family pictures should be about more than just standing in front of a camera and saying “CHEESE!” We want it to be heartfelt, laugh-filled, sometimes serious, but mostly just fun-filled moments. Those create the best memories for you and will make you love your pictures even more!

Barkmans 18

Family sessions last 1-2 hours and can take place in a variety of locations: urban, downtown, a beautiful park or hiking trail, the list goes on… We have plenty of suggestions, but always want to hear feedback from our clients!


 2 weeks after your session you will see your pictures at your Reveal Night! This is a special evening where you will see all of your finished images. Then I will help you decide what prints, canvases, and albums would be good options for you. Our clients have told us that sometimes they never make prints of their images because it seems like too daunting of a task, so we are here to help and make it a painless process!

We know how quickly time passes and kids grow up. We want you to be able to cherish these memories right now, hung on your wall.