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I can’t believe that this session was already five years ago! Going through these images, remembering all the fun we had that afternoon, really made me reminisce about where I have come from in this business. I started out in Portland, Oregon and now, since moving, have begun doing Columbus Engagement Photography. Looking back on these sessions gets me all giddy inside for stories I have yet to hear and be a part of.

AJ and Bri met and fell in love in college and now they have two beautiful children! <<<that is the kind of sentence I love to write! Seeing how love can last and grow, when it is built on a solid foundation, is a beautiful thing.


Another fun thing about photographing engagements, is that I get to ask them if they have a location in mind. They most certainly did – and you can just see what good taste they had! The Portland Japanese Garden is A-mazing! As I meet new couples I always want to pick their brains for treasures like this that they know about. I’m an adventurer to the core of my being and I always want to go to new places.


And after our walk in the garden we obviously had to go get some tea! Portland is great for sweet spots like this. I have several favorites of my own, but this was one that was special to Bri and AJ. Tea Chai Te was a place where they had created special memories together, which are the kind of locations I love most!


Ok guys, could they be any cuter???

columbus-engagement-photographycolumbus-engagement-photographycolumbus engagement photography

This session is a perfect example of how I like to collaborate with my clients. I’m more than willing to scout and suggest locations that fit your personality and story. However, I really want to share your story and special locations picked by you really pull it all together. Thank you AJ and Bri for these fun memories!

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