C & E | Gahanna, OH Engagement Session


This Gahanna, OH Engagement Session was everything we planned and hoped for. When I asked Emily and Carl what they were looking for in their engagement session she specifically asked that we do it at sunset. She wanted that beautiful golden light that comes right at the end of the day. To say that I was thrilled is an understatement! The golden hour is my absolute favorite time to shoot, but it often not possible with other sessions I do. However, because Carl and Emily had a flexible schedule we were able to reschedule a couple times so that we could be sure of getting the exact kind of evening they wanted. I really want to work hard to give my clients exactly what they want because it is their story that I’m telling.

We spent the whole evening down at the Creekside Gahanna park. Its a stunning location! The super fun, small town atmosphere quickly turns into a peaceful walk as you get further away from the road. I almost couldn’t believe how quiet it got even though we were still very much in the middle of Gahanna. The peaceful woods and paths gave us all a chance to get to know each other and hear their love story.


These two met their freshman year of college and they have grown so much together! It was so fun hearing how Carl worked so hard to make his proposal memorable and perfect for Emily. He brought her back to the same spot where he had first said “I love you” and where they had had their first kiss. She wasn’t expecting a proposal since so many of their friends where there (who were all in on the surprise btw), but she quickly caught on!


Like I said before, this Gahanna, Oh engagement session gave us so many different backdrops to work with. From forests, to rivers, to sun-kissed fields…the variety was perfect! Anyone else want to come back here in the Fall?!


And off into the sunset they went…


Guys, I really can’t wait for us to capture your wedding in just a couple months! Time is flying by and pretty soon you will be man and wife. We pray that these remaining months are full of wonderful  preparation. Not just for your wedding, but most importantly, your marriage. You are building a wonderful foundation! Thank you for letting us in on your story!

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